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I just wanted to say thank you for an awesome flag! I just received it last night & is it perfect. Thank you for a great product & even better customer service team. I am off to order more flags. Thanks again :) Jessica B.

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Storefront for The Porch Swing in Marysville, KS

Thanks for visiting!!  As you might have guessed, we love decorative garden flags!! flagsrus started selling garden flags and accessories online in 1998.  In July of 2002 we expanded and purchased a historic building that we used as our warehouse and a retail store, The Porch Swing.  Eventually we out grew this building so in August of 2011 we expanded further by purchasing another building in downtown Marysville that now houses the flagsrus warehouse and offices.  Our storefront, The Porch Swing, remains in the original building.  Please visit our sister sites: mykitchencupboard.com, spotandfriends.com patriotichouse.com and theporchswing.us

Retail Store Hours 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM CT Mon. - Sat.
Web Site Customer Service Hours 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM CT Mon. - Fri.

Take a look inside & Meet the gang!

picture of Patti at flagsrusPatti here... That's Patti, the Queen of shipping!! Well that's what the other girls like to call me! I came to work here shortly after the shop opened and was the main shipper for 7 yeats. Now I work in the storefront helping customers and working on displays. I love to spend my time off with the love of my life, Sam, children & grandchildren. I also spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Mary says my brownies are the world's best! I take the summers off and enjoy family time, gardening, and canning.  If you need to talk to me, my number is 877-352-4707 or email me at patti@flagsrus.org Hi, I am Sammy Ralph. I have been with flagsrus, when I wasn't attending school, since 2004. At flagsrus, I purchase products from our suppliers, do some web site maintenance and help out where ever I am needed. I grew up on a farm near Marysville and have an older sister and younger brother. I graduated from Kansas State University in 2010 with a degree in Secondary Education, emphasis in English. My husband, Will, and I were married in April 2011. We live out in the country with our German Shorthair Ace and our black cat Storm. When I am not at work I enjoy reading, spending time with my family, and going fishing with my husband. We usually don't catch much, but we have a lot of fun! To get ahold of me you can email sammy@flagsrus.org or call me at 877-352-4707.
picture of brooke at flagsrus

Hello everyone! I am Brooke and I have been working here since 2007. I have one super awesome son, who knows everything and is a very good supervisor for anything that needs to be done. I watch a lot of baseball (go Royals!), football (Chiefs)! My other hobbies are fishing and chasing after my son, that keeps me busy enough. I grew up in a small town near here but, I moved around a lot after graduating high school until I was lucky enough to move back here. I process orders and help answer the phones.  I don’t specifically have a number to reach me at so you can call our toll free number 877-352-4707 and just ask for me if some one else answers. You can always email me at brooke@flagsrus.org and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can. If you ever have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will help you out!

Hello, I’m Winnie (yes, just like Winnie the Pooh). I have been at Flagsrus since September 2011. I started out in shipping and working in the store front, The Porch Swing.  As the company grew a full time Customer Service person was needed so my duties changed.  Now I handle all of the customer service so if you call or email I will probably be the one you talk to!  I have two amazing little boys, so I stay pretty busy even on my days off. I moved here from Texas about 6 years ago, I have moved around a lot, but I have finally found a good, small community that my little family loves. I don’t have much time to myself but I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you need to reach me my number is 877-352-4707 or you can email me at winnie@flagsrus.org. Thanks and have a great day!


Hi!  My name is Becky Wadman.  I moved here from Kansas City in 2010 and came to work at The Porch Swing, our storefront in the Fall of 2011.  I help customers shop, do displays in the storefront, and help unpack new merchandise.  When I’m not at work my four young boys keep me on my toes!  We also have a Great Dane (Gator), a German Shepherd (Lotus), and a ferrat (R.J.).  Between kids, baseball, and pets I’m always happy to escape by going to work!  So, next time you are in Marysville, KS stop by and visit me!  If you need to reach me you can call 877-352-4707 or email becky@theporchswing.us.



Mary on a motorcycleHi! I'm Mary Kueny, owner of flagsrus. Thank you for visiting! My son, Michael, and I move to Marysville from Kansas City over 20 years ago. If you've never visited northeast Kansas, come on over! It's beautiful here! When I'm not at work, I love to travel. I ride motorcycles in the summer. You'll see pictures of our two dogs Fancy, the Sheltie and Tedi, the Yorkie. They both come to work once in a while and they think they're part of our team! Speaking of teams, I have to tell you that I'm lucky to have a great team. Thanks guys! When I am at work, I help out wherever it's needed. So you might find me answering the phone, processing orders, shipping orders, working in the warehouse or the storefront. If you need to get in touch with me the number is 877-flags-07 or email mary@flagsrus.org
picture of Fancy the dog at flagsrus  picture of Tedi the dog at flagsrus

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